Our Board

Our Board:

Carroll Randall - President
George Taylor - Vice President
Michael K Power - Past President
Eva Devine - Treasurer
Cathy Taylor - Secretary

Shawn Feener
Sam Reeves
Michael Barry
Kenneth MacLeod
James Murray
Paul M Fogarty
Robert Zinck
Les Rennie
Brent Silver
Baily Silver
Richard Devine
Jamie Mason

Our Past Presidents:

The Association was formed in 1963 under the guidance of The Nova Scotia Salmon Association and was known as the LaHave River Committee.

1963 -  Doug Parker was the first president.

1969 -  Henry Severence

1973 -  Lowell DeMond

In 1983 the LaHave River Committee adopted a new constitution and became the LaHave River Salmon Association.

1984 - George Mansfield
(Transferred to Halifax and resigned)

1984 -  Danny Eddy

1988 -  Richard Knickle

1991 -  Henry Severence

1993 - Ron Seney
(retired mid year 1994, vice president Lowell DeMond completed his term.)

1995 -  Lowell DeMond

1999 -  Carroll Randall

2012 -  Mike Power

2017 -  Carroll Randall